Events and Activities:

For core foundation and overall growth of personality of students, the school conducts events throughout the year. Children learn  to work in groups, follow ethics of team-building, the spirit of sportsmanship, handling challenges in critical times etc is built up so that students turn to be responsible citizens in time ahead.

Our Activities:

  • Assembly based on Values.
  • Excellent Extra-curricular activities.
  • Participation of Interschool Cultural Programmes.
  • Interschool, States & National Level Sports events.
  • Interschool, and State level Science Exhibitions
  • Science Congress 2010 in Chennai
  • Music & Dance
  • Personal counseling.
  • Tour and Excursions.

Activities & Laboratories Information:

  • The prestige of any school is based on well-equipped laboratories. We have laboratories of science of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Maths.
  • Physics Lab: It can accommodate 45-50 students at a time, well ventilated with well worked equipments.
  • Biology Lab: It is quite big with near about 100 specimens and more than 100 charts that make learning process more easy.
  • Chemistry Lab: Advanced chemistry lab with well water and gas connection at every point for each students range of chemical that make practical knowledgeable more efficient.

NMSS stars:

  • In the academic year 2010-2011 Reshma Bano Secured first position with 95.4% in Ajmer Zone and at district level for class XII in commerce stream.
  • Ashna Agrawal and Saurabh Jhanwar secured 94.2% and Parth Kapadia secured 91%. and stood second and third respectively. Neha Seiwal secured first position 87.8% in class XII in Science stream.
  • Divya Jeswani, Arpan Kapadia, Ekta Bhojwani, Kauser Fatema, Poonam Rawat, Karan Arya secured first position in the academic year 2011 in class X in Ajmer Zone.
  • We are proud of Pawan Khalse of class XII who brought laurels to our school by participating in National science congress 2010 in Chennai.