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Particular of Teaching Staff :

At NMSS our commitment is towards quality and value based education. This is possible by well qualified teachers and clean, modern environment that help children to develop qualities that will make them self disciplined, give them confidence and make them enthusiastic for learning.

NMSS recruits only efficient teachers in every discipline, carefully selected due to their aptitude and experience in teaching children. As a result, the faculty at NMSSS is a highly dedicated and professional team, truly passionate about teaching and genuinely caring about students life.

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Particulars of Teaching staff
Name Designation Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained/       Untrained Probation/ Confirmed
Sr. Jyothis Joseph Kanjirathingal Principal 25-05-1960 01-07-2015 Trained Confirmed
Sr. Daisy Sebastian Vice Prin. 20-12-1965 01-07-2016 Trained Confirmed
Sr. Sanitas Joseph Maliyammave PGT 09-10-1938 01-07-2013 Trained Confirmed
Sr. Soniya Joseph Puthenveetil PGT 23-10-1981 01-07-2013 Trained Confirmed
Sr. Jancy Sebastian PGT 18-03-1978 01-07-2016 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Trishila Mukesh Raje PGT 22-07-1966 16-09-1995 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Aravindan Subramaniyan Swamy  PGT 03-12-1970 01-08-2001 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Mohan Ashok Patil PGT 01-07-1978 01-08-2009 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Sandeep Eknath Metkar PGT 25-03-1982 01-07-2012 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Ritika Ritesh Nair PGT 25-11-1973 01-07-2013 Trained Probation
Mr. Jagdish Shivaji Sagare PGT 10-06-1982 01-07-2013 Trained Probation
Mr. Sunil Sachchanand Wadhwani PGT 05-06-1985 01-07-2014 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Sachin K. Vishnupant Puranic PGT 22-01-1978 01-07-2015 Trained Probation
Mr. Ashay Rajesh Tandon PGT 18-12-1989 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mrs Neha Rajendra Mishra PGT 26-03-1986 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mrs Priya Prashant Dalal PGT 31-10-1986 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Ms. Meena  Vijay Agrawal TGT 06-12-1962 01-07-1989 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Neelam  Aravind Verma TGT 26-02-1967 01-07-1991 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Sandhya Ishwardas Shah TGT 11-07-1963 01-07-1992 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Kavita Ajay Sugandhi TGT 27-05-1971 01-07-1994 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Sharda Vinod Yadav  TGT 05-02-1965 01-08-1997 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Manisha Anil Kale TGT 03-12-1970 01-07-1998 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Rachana Shashikant Pandey TGT 29-01-1971 01-07-1999 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Santoshi Atmaram Bari TGT 25-06-1983 01-12-2003 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Bhagwati Atmaram Bari  TGT 31-03-1986 01-07-2008 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Sarika Jitendra Shah  TGT 19-08-1977 01-07-2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Pusplata Vikram Chouhan TGT 05-07-1981 01-07-2009 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Sunanda Dharmendra Patil TGT 22-09-1972 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Miss Ashwini Aatmaram Bavskar TGT 02-11-1991 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Ms. Sonal Sanjay Shah TGT 25-02-1979 01-07-1999 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Krishna Rajendra Kharche TGT 06-07-1986 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mr. Praveen Ramdas Zunjarke TGT 06-10-1976 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mr. Altaf Ahmed Iqbal Ahmed PRT (A) 22-04-1969 01-07-2005 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Saiqua  Afroz Aalam Haji PRT (A) 27-03-1968 01-07-2000 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Kanchan Ajay Choubey PRT (A) 03-04-1978 01-07-2002 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Munira Sajid Hussain PRT (A) 05-12-1974 01-07-2003 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Mohd.Asif Ansari PRT (A) 16-05-1978 01-01-2005 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Yogita Sanjay Deshmukh PRT (A) 24-08-1977 01-07-2009 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Harsha Suresh Bhujbal PRT (A) 25-05-1978 04-08-2009 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Trupti Rohan Nagar PRT (A) 26-06-1980 01-07-2009 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Minakshi Sachin Kumar Arya PRT (A) 03-04-1981 01-07-2013 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Rithesh Arvindan Nair PRT (A) 10-05-1974 01-07-2013 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Asha Jitendra Bodse PRT (A) 07-07-1977 01-04-2010 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Punam Pravin Zunjarke PRT (A) 30-07-1979 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Mrs. Chitra Vishal Jain PRT (A) 30-09-1980 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Mrs. Sheetal Anil Shah PRT (A) 12-03-1980 01-08-2014 Trained Probation
Mrs. Neelima Vilas Mahajan PRT (A) 04-10-1981 01-10-2015 Trained Probation
Mrs. Sonali Ashish Lad PRT (A) 03-04-1976 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mrs. Nayra Harsh Pahuja PRT (A) 19-08-1988 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mrs. Prerna Sanjay Sohani PRT (A) 15-12-1975 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Ms. Neha Pradeep Pimplikar PRT (A) 23-09-1992 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Ms. Rajlaxmi Vijay Prasad Pappu PRT (B) 24-06-1960 28-11-1995 Trained Confirmed
Ms.Tasneem Moij Sururi PRT (B) 08-06-1967 01-07-1996 Trained Confirmed
Ms.Anuradha Arun  Mahajan  PRT (B) 19-11-1968 01-07-1996 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Pallavi Sanjeev Shimpi PRT (B) 15-11-1973 01-07-1998 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Madhavi  Ravindra Aathwale PRT (B) 09-04-1968 01-07-2001 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Sunita Sanjay Sakhre PRT (B) 30-10-1971 01-07-2003 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Anita Nandkishore Khambayate PRT (B) 02-07-1969 01-07-2003 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Kiran Ajay Jain PRT (B) 20-07-1971 06-07-2004 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Chetana Anil Choudhari PRT (B) 06-06-1975 01-07-2005 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Manisha Neeraj Chaturvedi PRT (B) 22-06-1977 01-07-2008 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Monika Arvind Swamy PRT (B) 16-10-1972 01-07-2009 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Vidhya Rajkumar Gardwal PRT (B) 04-06-1989 01-07-2011 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Mrunalini Pramod Mahajan PRT (B) 12-04-1984 01-08-2011 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Sonika Suresh Panikar PRT (B) 10-07-1976 22-06-2010 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Mahak Ajay Chugwani PRT (B) 15-03-1974 01-07-2012 Trained Probation
Ms. Rohini Anand Atpadkar PRT (B) 05-12-1983 01-07-2012 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Meenakshi Sanjay Shrivastava PRT (B) 21-09-1974 01-08-2012 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Nidhi Anil Suryavanshi PRT (B) 31-08-1986 01-07-2011 Untrained Probation
Ms. Kalpana Manoj Shah PRT (B) 11-03-1982 25-06-2010 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Sarika Atmaram Bavskar PRT (B) 21-07-1988 01-07-2013 Trained Probation
Ms. Pooja Kailash Agrawal PRT (B) 23-12-1990 01-07-2013 Trained Probation
Mrs. Rani Narendra Sakwar PRT (B) 20-08-1978 01-07-2013 Trained Probation
Ms. Smita Santosh Jaiswal PRT (B) 16-05-1980 01-08-2012 Trained Confirmed
Ms Arpita Ghanshyam Gupta PRT (B) 17-07-1993 01-07-2014 Untrained Probation
Mrs Seema  Ajay Sharma PRT (B) 23-03-1972 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Mrs Pankuri Mahendra Jain PRT (B) 23-09-1993 01-07-2014 Untrained Probation
Miss Shweta Ashok Bajaj PRT (B) 12-09-1993 01-07-2014 Untrained Probation
Mrs. Chhaya Ashok Satpute PRT (B) 02-11-1978 01-09-2014 Trained Probation
Mrs. Pooja Love Patel PRT (B) 14-10-1996 05-12-2014 Untrained Probation
Mrs. Reena Ritesh Jaiswal PRT (B) 30-07-1985 21-06-2010 Trained Confirmed
Miss Shikha Rajkumar Mishra PRT (B) 05-11-1992 01-07-2013 Trained Probation
Ms. Manisha Anil Billore PRT (B) 29-04-1981 01-07-2013 Trained Probation
Ms. Pooja Narayandas Jaiswani PRT (B) 14-04-1991 01-09-2015 Untrained Probation
Mrs Charulata Arun Shah PRT (B) 03-04-1976 01-07-2016 Untrained Probation
Mrs. Rani Prakash Choudhary PRT (B) 10-03-1987 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mrs. Swati Ritesh Bhalerao PRT (B) 14-05-1988 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Ms. Seema Kadu Kakde PRT (B) 06-10-1992 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Ms. Anshika Ajay Bhatt PRT (B) 16-11-1994 01-07-2016 Untrained Probation
Ms. Aditi Vijay Jagtap PRT (B) 26-06-1991 01-07-2016 Untrained Probation
Mrs. Taruna Shivkumar Dalal PRT (B) 30-09-1981 01-07-2016 Untrained Probation
Mr. Umashankar B. Mahajan Computer 30-04-1977 01-07-2004 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Syed Irfan Ali Shabbir Ali Computer 23-08-1975 01-07-1998 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Neelkanth Gajanan Patil Computer 02-09-1975 01-07-1999 Trained Confirmed
Mrs Mini Radhakrishnan Computer 16-05-1966 01-09-2013 Trained Probation
Ms. Neena Prashant Salbande Computer 20-03-1983 24-06-2010 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Neelima  Rajendra Shah Computer 23-09-1963 01-07-2000 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Nisha Yogesh Jadhav Computer 23-09-1982 01-07-2015 Trained Probation
Mr. Avinash Madhukar Engle Computer 10-10-1988 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Mr. Ishan Suresh Thadhani Computer 10-05-1990 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mr. Shibin Babu Computer 08-05-1981 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mr. Sanjeev Narayan  Shimpi Sports 04-07-1971 01-07-1996 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Jagannath Namdev Patil Sports 08-08-1983 01-10-2008 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Hemendra Chetan Swarup Dixit Sports 06-03-1990 01-07-2010 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Khandurao Narayan Gayakwad Sports 29-09-1985 01-07-2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Sandeep Kanhaiyalal Azad Sports 29-11-1985 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Mrs. Yashshri Triloknath Shah Sports 23-08-1983 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Mr. Gajendra Rambhau Shalunke Music 30-09-1979 01-08-2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Vijay Damodar Mahajan Sports 22-02-1984 01-07-2016 Trained Probation
Ms. Yashoda  Laxman  Mahajan Pre-Primary 05-02-1967 01-07-1994 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Lata  Ramdas Sagare Pre-Primary 07-03-1965 12-07-1997 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Geeta Madanlal Agrawal Pre-Primary 06-01-1984 01-07-2007 Untrained Probation
Ms. Ritu Alok Upadhyay Pre-Primary 20-06-1975 01-07-2011 Trained Probation
Ms. Parul Basant Fulmali Pre-Primary 24-12-1979 01-07-2011 Trained Confirmed
Ms. Jamuna Ganesh Sharma Pre-Primary 01-05-1963 01-07-2012 Untrained Confirmed
Mrs. Mahak Anil Chandwani Pre-Primary 09-02-1981 01-07-2013 Untrained Probation
Mrs. Sangita Rajesh Garhwal Pre-Primary 09-04-1981 01-07-2013 Untrained Probation
Ms. Jagruti Jitendra Mahajan Pre-Primary 31-05-1983 01-07-2013 Untrained Probation
Ms. Lea Deepak Micheal Pre-Primary 17-03-1969 01-07-1994 Trained Confirmed
Ms.  Manali Arun Rajput Pre-Primary 11-04-1987 01-07-2012 Untrained Probation
Ms Sonali Bhagwan Bavaskar Pre-Primary 05-09-1988 01-07-2014 Trained Probation
Mrs. Darshana Amol Patel Pre-Primary 22-11-1977 01-07-2015 Untrained Probation
Mrs. Swati Alkesh Shah Pre-Primary 28-01-1985 01-07-2015 Trained Probation
Mrs. Akanksha Shashikant Pandey Pre-Primary 26-09-1994 01-07-2015 Untrained Probation
Mrs. Punam Sudhir Chhaparia Pre-Primary 01-06-1976 01-10-2015 Untrained Probation
Ms. Khushboo Santosh Batra Pre-Primary 26-06-1996 01-07-2016 Untrained Probation
Ms. Jyoti  Narendra  Mehta Liberary 16-05-1969 01-07-1992 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Seema Shailendra Shroff Liberary 21-07-1977 01-07-2011 Trained Confirmed

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